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Staying masked a little while longer: here's what Director of public health had to say

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Earlier today, it was alleged by TVA, that the Government of Quebec might put an end to the mask mandate.

As of right now, Quebecers can safely say that mask-wearing will be obligatory until at least May 14th. The Director of Public Health was reticent to give an official end date to the mandate, as the COVID-19 situation in Quebec is continuously evolving.

According to Boileau, experts are fairly confident in saying we have passed the peak of the sixth wave. It is expected that there will be a progressive decline in the number of cases over the next two weeks.

It's also been shown that the BA2 variant is dominating the large majority of positive cases. The new variant is proving to be 50% more than the vicious Omicron the province was struck with in December.

Nevertheless, the vaccination efforts and collaboration of the population are working. The Director made sure to remind listeners that the pandemic is not over. We must continue to remain diligent and be considerate in our actions; wear your mask with vulnerable populations, isolate if you are experiencing symptoms, and stay home.

West Islanders can expect an update on the mask mandate early next week. For the time being, public health is keeping a close eye on the situation and is making decisions in accordance with the evolution of the virus.


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