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Spotify vs. Apple Music: which one is right for you?

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Now that we're halfway into the first month of the new year, you may be beginning to ask yourself which subscriptions are worth it, and which ones should be put on the chopping block.

Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Crave, and tons of other monthly subscriptions are now at our disposal like never before. But there is perhaps no less settled debate than the one between Apple Music and Spotify users.

Whether you're totally new to music streaming services, or you're debating on whether or not to renew your current one, we've compiled all the information you may need to make the best decision for you and your family.


The Price:

Apple Music: Apple Music users pay 9.99$ monthly plus applicable taxes. Students pay 4.99$ monthly, while families can sign up for a bundle of up to six users for 14.99$ monthly.

Spotify: Spotify users pay the same 9.99$ monthly fee, and students pay 4.99$ as well. Spotify offers an additional "Duo" package for two users which costs 12.99$ monthly. Slightly more expensive than Apple Music, Spotify's family plan costs 15.99$ monthly.

The Song Catalog:

Apple Music's song catalog currently sits at 90 million, while Spotify's sits at 70 million.


That said, Spotify also has over 3.2 million podcast titles. Apple Music listeners can only access their podcasts through a separate app, Apple Podcasts.

The Sound Quality:

If you're a sound geek (trust me, I get it), then Apple Music might be the best option for you. Spotify's sound quality pales in comparison to that of Apple Music. So if you're a DJ or a music connoisseur, Apple Music is where it's at.

For the average listener though, Spotify's sound quality is better than good, and will totally meet all your needs.

Where Spotify has the one-up on Apple Music though, is in its ability to adjust the EQ. Listeners can customize their experience by adjusting bass, treble, and mids-levels.

The Layout:

When it comes to layout and user interface, Spotify takes the cake. On a user's homepage, they have access to their most recently played songs and playlists, which is typically what people are going to revert back to.

Apple Music's interface is a little less user-friendly, and users have to go looking a little harder for what they want to listen to.

Voice Assistance:

If you're an Amazon Alexa user or a Google Home lover, Spotify might win you over. Noteworthy is that Spotify is even compatible with Apple's Siri.

Apple Music, on the other hand, is only fully supported by Siri. Users should not expect to use Apple music from a home device other than the Apple Home Pod.


If you like the constant influx of new music, there's no better platform than Spotify. Spotify's algorithms work vigorously behind the scenes to bring you new music based on what you're already loving.

Apple Music is home to curated playlists based on genres and artists, but the individuality is often lacking.

Got a favorite playlist that you've been blasting since 2016? Try Spotify's new "enhance" feature where the app will automatically add songs to your playlist based on what's already there and what you play most.


Simply put, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to music streaming services. It's all about what you value most, and what you can't live without.

Are you an Apple Music or a Spotify listener? Let us know in the comments below!

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