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Senneville's Corpus Christi Church celebrates its 65th anniversary.

Updated: Jan 7

Senneville's Corpus Christi Catholic Church celebrated its 65th anniversary with a special mass presided over by Montréal Archbishop Christian Lépine, followed by a gathering where parishioners, including some original members, reflected on the church's communal significance.

Edward P., who witnessed the church's inauguration 65 years ago, was attending masses at surrounding parishes near the Lakeshore when a group of these traveling parishioners presented a plan to have a new church built to meet the needs of the local Catholic community. The Morgan family had donated the grounds on which the church stands, and services were held at Centre Harpell in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue while the church was under construction.

According to Ed, the core members' enthusiasm and commitment stood out, and the support of the parish's clergy advanced its progression throughout the years. The Women and Men's Guilds were a shared core memory for Ed and Marguerite McKinnon, another original parishioner. She fondly remembers making Barbie clothes and baked goods for bazaars, their yearly fundraising initiatives, working on blankets and mattresses for Suitcases for Africa, and decorating the church for special events. Outside the parish, she fondly remembers bowling and spending quality time with its members.

Father Stephen Diraviam takes pride in the church's diversity, with members from varied cultural backgrounds and a large Filipino community that has its mass presented in Tagalog and English each Sunday. Fostering a giving spirit through community service initiatives has always been a core component of their mission, such as sending suitcases to Africa, donating to the Benoît Labre House, and running a food bank within the parish. 

According to parishioners, Fr. Stephen has been responsible for rebuilding the community since his arrival 6 years ago. People from across the West Island into Vaudreuil and Île-Perrot have embraced his vision and the Corpus Christi community as the parish grows steadily.


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