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Santa's Bus will be making its way through Kirkland on Saturday, December 16th.

Santa will be boarding his holiday-themed coach bus on Saturday, December 16th! He and his elves will make their way across Kirkland on the evening of the 16th between 5:30 and 8:15 pm.

PHOTO: Santa's Bus

Santa will make his first appearance at Meades Park, assisted by his devoted elves, to pick up the town mascot, K. Yote, on his Santa Bus! The crew will lead him through the streets of Kirkland for a few scheduled stops.

PHOTO: Ville de Kirkland

When this brightly lit Christmas parade passes your house, be sure to wave or meet them in one of the five city parks where Santa stops to stretch his legs while accompanied by music and carols.

Departure is scheduled for 5:30 pm at Meades Park, and the last stop will be around 8:15 pm at Ecclestone Park.

Itinerary and scheduled stops:

  • Meades Park

  • 16950 Hymus Boulevard

  • Kirkland Park

  • 81 Parkridge Street

  • Heritage Park

  • 11 Chemin Lantier

  • Holleuffer Park

  • 75 Charlevoix Street

  • Ecclestone Park

  • 130 Argyle Street

SOURCE: Ville de Kirkland


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