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First Nations Executive Education celebrates its 2nd anniversary.

First Nations Executive Education (FNEE) celebrated its second anniversary on November 16 and 17, 2023, with a musical performance by Innu artist Shauit, who won the 2023 Félix award for best record of the year in an Indigenous language. FNEE program participants received over a hundred attestations and diplomas at the celebration's ceremony.

Since its founding barely two years ago, FNEE has established itself as a vital resource for Indigenous administrators, managers, entrepreneurs, economic leaders, and Indigenous politicians. The six programs, which were co-constructed with the concepts of sharing, cooperation, and mutual aid, are taught by 46 First Nations educators who collaborate with HEC Montréal faculty members under the direction of eight senior citizens.

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FNEE suggests programs tailored to the needs of communities and organizations of First Nations people. The program "Keys for Developing Relationships with Indigenous Communities," which is targeted at non-Indigenous decision-makers, also includes awareness training workshops.

Manon Jeannotte, director and co-initiator of FNEE, commented with pride, "This anniversary gives us the chance to highlight the extremely positive results obtained so far. I'd like to express my warm thanks to the program participants and to everyone who contributes directly or indirectly to the success and outreach of FNEE. Together, we will be able to ensure the development of FNEE and help accelerate First Nations' empowerment."

SOURCE: HEC Montréal


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