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Saint-Lazare's white peacock chase continues.

A Saint-Lazare peacock chase is ongoing, and residents have caught glimpses of the white peafowl wandering around backyards and showing up on steps. Meanwhile, its owner is trying to locate the bird and corral it home safely.

The bird making its way around the neighbourhood was captured and shared on Facebook. PHOTO: Facebook, Renee Reccord, Victoria Fornady.

Graham Batty is no stranger to animals; he owns a hobby farm with horses, goats, llamas, fowl, and of course, two stunning white peacocks. When they were both loose, only one could be corralled, and the other wandered off on quite the journey, now one that has been 8 days and counting.

PHOTOS: Facebook, Graham Batty.

According to Batty, Sparkles the Pony is the accused in this case, having nudged open the door that let them free. He is still optimistic that his bird will be found and returned home safely.


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