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Morgan Arboretum backdrop for future Crave series "Inspirez, Expirez."

INSPIREZ EXPIREZ is an upcoming series to be aired on Crave in the fall, created by Sonia Cordeau in collaboration with Jean-François Chagnon and Katherine Levac. The series, which promises a mix of dramatic comedy, social satire, and suspense, will be filming on-site at the Morgan Arboretum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue until Wednesday, July 5th. There is expected to be 10 episodes of 30 minutes.

The series revolves around two women named Sophie (played by Sonia Cordeau) and Vicky (played by Virginie Fortin), who share the same circle of friends but don't particularly like each other. On their birthdays, they receive the same gift from their friends—a certificate for a few days' yoga retreat in the woods. Their situation takes an unexpected turn when a participant's body is discovered in the forest. While waiting for the police investigation, Sophie and Vicky are compelled to work together to identify the murderer and ensure their safety. Along the way, they may even develop a liking for each other.

The Morgan Arboretum is a popular filming location, among other West Island spots that have hosted many well-known films.

SOURCE: Bell Media


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