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Real-life Bambi: A new addition at the Ecomuseum

Photo: Catherine Acosta-Charette

An orphaned fawn took refuge with the Ecomuseum team just some weeks ago.

Being roughly a week old when he first arrived, the center's staff and volunteers have dedicated themselves to his care.

Due to his incredibly young age, the fawn requires almost constant and specialized care; young deers need to be bottle-fed consistently at all hours of the day.

The team at the Ecomuseum Zoo is doing everything in their power to ensure their new addition is well-tended to while also making sure the critter stays as wild as possible so that he can one day return to his natural habitat.

After a brief time in quarantine, he was able to join a group of deer living at the zoo and the transition has so far been a roaring success.

He is meeting his milestones, eating and growing well, and adjusting to Ecomuseum life.

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