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Rain is Hope

It’s impossible to please everyone. During the winter, many people complain about the cold temperatures, the snow, and the ice. I think I am one of the few people who love winter. Perhaps, complaining, in general, is non-stop. I constantly hear, “It’s so damn cold. The wind is a killer. I can barely walk from all the ice. I just can’t seem to warm up.”

Honestly, I don’t love -20c days and I don’t love the wind which adds to this extreme cold. I must admit, I do like when my nose is cold and I feel cozy all bundled up in warm sweaters and scarves. What really bothers me is the constant complaining that goes along with the winter season.

Alas Spring!!!! I think the complaining season has come to an end. The snow is starting to melt, the days have longer daylight hours, and the birds are slowly returning. On some spring mornings, the birds will chirp for so long and so loud they wake me up. How glorious!

Along with springtime are the much-needed rains. We need rain in the spring for many reasons. Firstly, to help thaw the ground and restore water to plants and trees. Without water, the plants and trees will not be able to grow their beautiful leaves and flowers. Water is needed to wash away all the salt and sand which is used to prevent ice build-up on the streets. Water is needed to help melt the snow and ice and create the flow of streams, which feeds the flora and fauna. Water is needed everywhere and for everyone! Water is the gift of life.

Of course, too much water is a problem as it may cause terrible flooding. Actually, in general, too much of anything is a problem – even ice cream. It wasn’t easy for me to admit that truth.

So after we have braved through the cold, dark, icy, slippery, freezing winter and welcome the rebirth of spring, you would think the complaining would stop… you would think this is true.


Sometime in the middle of May, I heard someone say, “It has been raining for days! When is the sun going to come out? It is so glooming out and wet and the rain puts me in a bad mood.”


Really? What kind of mood were you in during the depths of winter in the middle of January? April weather is a walk in the park compared to mid-January and February!

I explained, “Water is needed for everything to grow. Water is needed to wash away all the mess from winter. Rain is hope! Without it, there won’t be the glorious re-birth of spring.”

I think of rain as drops of hope, the medicine for rebirth, the replenishing liquid of life, the means to grow, and the nectar of living.

It’s just not raining outside, the world is slowly re-creating. And just like that… one day the leaves appear!

In the microscopic world of plant growth, every day in April and May is a miracle of growth and development. The human eye is unable to see exactly what happens each day during these months. It is amazing to watch if you take the time to look at plant growth and development. This incredible journey will certainly change your mood from gloom to glory!

Weather or time of year doesn’t affect my mood. Although, a January thaw after a great snowfall will certainly curb my enthusiasm to ski. That might dent my mood, but not much. I will still have hope for more snow at least until the beginning of April.

I suppose complaining is the nature of some beasts. Some people just love to complain, just to complain. Once summer comes around, I’m sure the “weather complainers” will complain about the heat and then the cooling nights and then the inevitable beginnings of winter, again. Blah, Blah!

The cycle of weather complaining is married to the cycle of the seasons.

Appreciating all the beauty which does exist within the seasons is a more hopeful approach.

I hope you have a beautiful and hopeful summer season…not too hot I hope!


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