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Quick & easy warm brie pasta salad

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I am a sucker for “quick and easy”. I am not a fan of spending hours in the kitchen. I enjoy good food, but I enjoy good food that is prepared fast and with little effort or mess.

This pasta salad recipe was a favorite of mine growing up and only became more so as I got older and learned to cook for myself. It’s simple ingredients, but they complement each other so well and make the perfect addition to any summer barbecue or potluck.

The tricky thing with this recipe is that it’s been passed down through my family and therefore, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to measure with your heart.

The dish is incredibly versatile and can be made to cater to a wide variety of palates and dietary needs. Swap the brie for goat cheese or parmesan; opt for broccoli and asparagus instead of tomatoes if that’s more your style, try lemon juice instead of garlic.

The world is truly your oyster when making this warm pasta salad. Be sure to let us know what alterations you make in the comments!


  • 1 box of rotini (I opt for gluten-free, but the tri-color variety presents really nicely at a get-together)

  • 1 wheel of brie, cut into small cubes

  • ¼ cup of olive oil

  • 4 cloves of fresh garlic (plus or minus a couple depending on your preference)

  • 1 1/2 cups of cherry tomatoes, halved

  • ¼ cup fresh basil, finely chopped

Note: These measurements are guidelines. Measure with your heart.


  • In a large bowl, combine olive oil, brie, garlic, tomatoes, and basil

  • Mix ingredients gently to coat in oil

  • Let stand for 1-3 hours

  • In a pasta pot, bring salted water to a boil

  • Cook rotini according to box directions

  • Strain pasta and pour over brie and oil mixture

  • Allow to sit for a few moments before stirring to combine all ingredients

  • Enjoy!


This dish is delicious served both warm but is also super transportable cold the next day for lunch. Play around with the measurements and ingredients until you find the perfect blend for you and your friends or family.

Enjoy as a side dish or pair with a baguette as main course.

Let us know your go-to pasta salad recipe down below!

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