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Quebec to shift to Green Zone starting next Monday.

More news is to come.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault
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Premier François Legault confirmed that all of Quebec will go to "enhanced" green as of next Monday.

In practice, 10 people will be able to gather indoors, 20 people outdoors.

Restaurants and bars can serve 10 people per table inside and 20 per table outside.

Outdoor sports can now host 50 players and 50 spectators. Indoor sports will allow half of that.

François Legault also insisted that Quebecers be vaccinated with two doses to "protect themselves and the most vulnerable people as well as return to a more normal life as soon as possible".

"Until we have both doses, we must be careful," recalled the Premier Legault who warns about the Delta variant that is progressing in certain regions of the world.

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