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Protect the West Island Nature Challenge


Want to do more to help protect nature? Fantastic! Now’s the perfect time.

It’s through everyday actions that we can all come together and make a real difference in protecting nature. True, lasting change starts at home with the individual and spreads throughout the community.

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting at least 25 percent of Canada’s lands and 25 percent of its oceans by 2025, but they can’t do it alone. The planet and it's inhabitants need you, Indigenous Peoples, provinces, territories, private businesses, not-for-profits and others to join in the effort.

31-day Protect Nature Challenge

Start today by following the 31-day Protect Nature Challenge. Choose a few actions that you can include in your daily life. Every action, no matter how small, counts!

Soon, you’ll be feeling healthier, saving money, producing less waste, and feeling great about the changes you’re making for nature to ensure a better future for our planet and it's inhabitants! Talk about setting a fine example for the younger generations.

It's the perfect way to get kids some much needed fresh air and boost their interest in the #outdoors!

Let’s do this together

Share these challenges with your friends and family and show off what you are doing by tagging Canada's Environment sector in your social media messages and by using the hashtag #ProtectNature.

It helps to team up with a buddy to help hold each other accountable. Feel free to start small and work your way up to larger commitments. Remember, the key here is to create lasting habits and incorporate these changes into your everyday life to remain committed to the cause without even having to think!

Environment and Climate Change Canada is on Instagram @canenvironment, Facebook @EnvironmentandClimateChange, and Twitter @environmentca.

We challenge you to

  1. Get outside

  2. Clean up nature

  3. Rethink your consumer habits

  4. Protect our trees

  5. Take time in nature every day

  6. Become a citizen scientist

  7. Build a pollinator garden

  8. Protect birds

  9. Get young people involved

  10. Donate ecologically sensitive land

  11. Improve air quality

  12. Save money and save nature

  13. Learn about the top five threats to nature

  14. Shrink your food waste

  15. Fight climate change

  16. Beat plastic pollution

  17. Learn from Indigenous Peoples how to conserve nature

  18. Become part of the circular economy

  19. Contribute, volunteer or choose a career to protect nature

  20. Avoid buying exotic and endangered wildlife

  21. Help species at risk

  22. Protect biodiversity from home

  23. Slow down for turtles and other wildlife

  24. Build homes for wildlife

  25. Find funding for your innovative ideas

  26. Share what you are doing

  27. Support protected and conserved areas

  28. Fall in love with nature

  29. Dispose of toxic chemicals, electronics and light bulbs properly

  30. Protect our wetlands

  31. Stop waste

Tag us in your progress - we want to know how it's going!

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