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Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds enters its 28th year of community service.

The Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds (PCP) is a community-focused organization that was established in 1995, and is dedicated to providing essential programs and services that extend social, academic, linguistic, and emotional support to families and children across the West Island. The organization is exceptionally beneficial to new Canadians and is a one-stop shop for information and services. Let the members of their team further explain PCP, in their own words.

PCP has programs that range from child care and education to mental and physical health promotion, with programs for children and their parents alike. They aim to tailor their programs to align with the culturally diverse community's distinct requirements and preferences.

If you wish to get in touch with PCP, or to enroll in their programs, call 514-684-5995

or email

Their objectives encompass:

  • Providing a lifeline of support and solace to vulnerable individuals and families;

  • Facilitating and guiding recent immigrant families through the transition to life in Montréal;

  • Cultivating positive mental well-being and bolstering self-esteem;

  • Equipping children and students for enhanced academic and social triumphs;

  • Fostering heightened awareness, empathy, and mutual respect among various community factions;

  • Igniting and nurturing a sense of self-assuredness and self-sufficiency within members.


To learn more, visit


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