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Pringles® Partners with Movember to Break the Silence on Men's Mental Health

For the first time ever, Pringles® joins forces with Movember, the world's leading men's health charity, as their official Canadian partner in 2023. This groundbreaking partnership aims to raise awareness about men's mental health and encourage open conversations on this vital topic. Pringles® is contributing up to $125,000 to support this essential cause while launching a compelling social media campaign that features conversation starters designed to help men break the silence surrounding mental health issues and be there for their friends in need.

Movember Pringles Campaign
Movember Pringles Campaign

Pringles®' Beloved Mascot, Mr. P, Leads the Charge

On November 1, Pringles® kicked off the campaign with a bold move – their iconic mascot, Mr. P, shaved off his signature mustache to stand up for men's health. This symbolic gesture is bound to generate significant attention and inspire men to reach out to their friends, have real conversations about mental health, and enjoy some Pringles® together. The campaign's core concept is to dismantle the "I'm Fine" facade that many men often put up when it comes to their mental well-being.

Nicole Gawen, Canada Marketing and Wellbeing Lead at Kellanova Canada, remarked, "Pringles® wants to help Movember change the face of men's mental health issues, and what better way to start than by shaving the iconic face of Mr. P? Pringles® has always been about finding the fun in everyday moments, and through our Movember partnership, we are taking this to the next level to help men start real conversations around their mental wellbeing. It's a natural fit for Pringles® as we strongly believe in the power of connection and know that fun and thoughtfulness can work together to boost your mindset."

Promoting Real Conversations and Wellbeing

Pringles® has been a global partner of Movember since 2020, focusing on driving social change. This year, the Canadian team, led by Mr. P, is fully committed to promoting men's mental health. In addition to the national social media campaign, Pringles® will also conduct an internal fundraising initiative with its Kellanova colleagues to further support this important cause.

Todd Minerson, Movember Canada Country Director, expressed his excitement about the partnership: "We are so excited to welcome Pringles® to Canada's Movember team this year. We love their enthusiasm for the cause and for sacrificing Mr. P's long-standing moustache to help us raise awareness of mental health issues. It's no surprise that most men find it tough to open up around their mental health, but Pringles®' fun yet thoughtful approach gives guys the tools to dig beyond the typical 'I'm fine' response. Plus, through its donation, Pringles® is supporting programs that help men live better lives every day."

About Movember

Since its inception in 2003, Movember has created a global men's health movement. It has funded over 1,320 projects worldwide, challenging the status quo, revolutionizing men's health research, and transforming the way health services reach and support men. Movember's mission is to address three major men's health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health, including suicide prevention.

Over the last 20 years, Movember has invested nearly $350 million in over 600 biomedical research projects focused on prostate and testicular cancer, funded prostate cancer registries, supported interventions to assist men through their prostate cancer journeys, and embraced fresh perspectives on mental health and suicide prevention.

Movember is an inclusive movement that welcomes everyone, not just men, to champion healthcare sensitive to the needs of everyone. Their focus on improving men's health has a profoundly positive impact on women, families, and society as a whole, challenging health systems and confronting gender norms to reduce health inequalities and save lives.

To learn more about Pringles®' partnership with Movember and to join the conversation on men's mental health, visit Let's break the silence and support this important cause together.



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