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PR: Mandatory Vaccination: The Final Stretch Toward Our Freedom

Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, has a strong message for Premier Legault.

I am asking the Premier to make vaccination mandatory for all government employees, for the health and social services network, the education network, child care facilities, as well as for the National Assembly and for all people who frequent CÉGEP and university campuses. Those with medical reasons should be exempt from this measure.

The majority of Quebecers are vaccinated, tired of the pandemic and do not want to experience the effects of being confined once again or lose their freedoms after having made so many sacrifices. Unfortunately, the situation is worrisome.

For a fifth consecutive week, cases are on the rise- this time by 46%. Expected hospitalizations have risen by 69%.

We must face the fact that we are in the fourth wave of this pandemic. To minimize the effects, we can no longer implement half measures or change our plan week to week. It is time for more firmness and predictability.

The science is categorical; taken individually, the adequate vaccination of the greatest number of people is the main factor that will get us out of the crisis.

Unfortunately, of all Quebecers, only 65.8% have received both doses.

As public health’s vaccination objectives increase, the government must implement the necessary means to meet those goals and mandatory vaccination of these groups would be an effective way to do so.

Today, given the evolution of cases, we believe that we must go even further. In that sense, the State as a major employer has a duty to set an example so that the entire population follows suit.

This measure is now necessary to allow us to live alongside the virus, maintain our current freedoms and hope to return to a more normal life.

As adapting to this pandemic could last for another few years, I hope that François Legault will make this essential decision.

Dominique Anglade

Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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