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Pointe-Claire's Cassandra Gillen presented Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

“I hope that at some point, I have inspired others as well to take their own actions for what they believe in and find their way to pay it forward. Every small positive action creates a ripple, and with enough of these ripples, we will together form a wave of positive change.” – Cassandra Gillen

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award is open to students of all abilities and fields of study.

Terry Fox, Humanitarian Award recipients are selected for their dedication to the humanitarian ideals of Terry Fox, their courage in overcoming obstacles, and definite marks of distinction and persistence in the pursuit of excellence in academic, athletic, and civic life.

From a young age, Cassandra has dedicated herself to helping others. As a Special Olympics coach, Member of Greg Kelly’s Youth Council, and Pointe-Claire Youth Advisory Board member, she embodies humanitarianism in youth. Through her volunteerism and fundraising efforts, she has raised enough money to build a school in India, physically helped build a school in Ecuador, raised money to help pay for a clean water system in India, raised money for Montreal Children’s Hospital, and provided meals to school children in Haiti.

Her work for Girl Guides of Canada has seen her sit on the National Youth Council being the voice for girls today, serve as the youngest person to sit on the Provincial Quebec Council as the Youth Forum Chair, and co-lead two units

While in the North South Studies program at Dawson College, Cassandra plans to continue helping others through further studies at university in International Development. She aspires to represent Canada abroad and eventually serve her community as an elected official.

Biography: Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

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