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Pointe-Claire house decorating contest!

If you've seen The Grinch then you know about the Christmas decoration contest in Whoville. Now, it's your turn! The City of Pointe-Claire invites its residents to participate in the outdoor decorations contest to inspire and light up the neighbourhood.

Residents of Pointe-Claire can participate by sending in a picture between now and December 19th at 11:59pm. The contest winner will be announced on December 20th through the city’s Facebook page.

Anyone who submits a picture to Pointe-Claire’s Facebook via private message will be automatically entered into a draw with a chance to win one of three gift baskets from local stores and businesses. The participant who receives the most likes or hearts on their picture will win a Coup de Coeur prize.

To enter the contest send an appropriate picture of your outdoor decorations to the Ville de Pointe-Claire / City of Pointe-Claire Facebook via private message and include the address and street name. Everyone participating should note that in submitting they give full authorization for the City of Pointe-Claire to republish the photo.



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