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Pointe-Claire City Council Seeks Quebec's Intervention to Address Dysfunction

Pointe-Claire, QC. To address what has been described as a dysfunctional city council, Pointe-Claire's elected officials have taken a bold step by passing a resolution seeking assistance from the Quebec Municipal Affairs Department. The move comes amidst growing concerns over the conduct and efficiency of the council. 

The resolution, spearheaded by councillor Kelly Thorstad-Cullen and supported by councillor Paul Bissonnette, underscores the pressing need for external intervention to assess the city's current challenges and devise a strategic plan for improvement. Councillor Tara Stainforth emphasized that the resolution represents a crucial acknowledgment of the city's suboptimal functioning and a plea for ministerial aid to equip them with the necessary tools for enhanced governance throughout their term. 

This resolution was required and was a long time in the making. Recent events made it necessary to act," explained Councillor Eric Stork. The lack of decorum at last Tuesday's special meeting only further supports our need for assistance. The mayor's speech, laden with innuendo and accusations in itself, is a direct violation of his duty, and our bylaws concern public meetings. I welcome the intervention as it will be a third party and I will respect the recommendations."

Concerns were raised regarding transparency, as the public was not granted access to the resolution prior to the meeting's public question period. Nonetheless, most councillors deemed the intervention necessary, citing recent events that further exacerbated the need for action. 

Mayor Tim Thomas, who voted against the motion, believes that the 2025 municipal election will be the ultimate resolution to the city's woes. 

"In the last two and a half years, my mandate has been dominated by the majority of returning councillors. They have been able to do as they choose, and if there is a problem with Pointe Claire's governance, they are simply blaming themselves. The city is basically running well and it makes no sense to bring in a higher level of government because of the conduct at city council meetings which are staged performances designed to make the city look bad at the most visible level.," said Thomas.

 The motion requests Quebec's assistance in identifying the problems plaguing the city council and proposing an action plan to improve its general functioning. Experts suggest that the province is known to intervene quickly in such cases, with potential solutions ranging from minor modifications to a full-fledged trusteeship. It's worth noting that recent developments have seen seven Pointe-Claire city councillors take a stand against Mayor Tim Thomas, signalling a growing rift within the council. While Thomas remains confident in his leadership, the resolution marks a pivotal moment in Pointe-Claire's political landscape as the municipality grapples with internal discord and the quest for effective governance.

This Pointe-Claire City Council Meeting Webcast can be seen here


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