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"Pet Sematary" on set at John Abbott College: What you need to know

image courtesy of Rhonda Massad

“Pet Sematary” which debuted as a bestselling novel by Stephen King has had several adaptations since then. Originally, the novel was adapted into a screenplay in 1989 and subsequently filmed a sequel in 1992.

Then, a more modern adaption drawing inspiration from both text and screen took to the cinema in 2019. Now, the sequel to the 2019 rendition is filming; parts of which are taking place at Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue’s own John Abbott College.

On May 7th, 2021, the announcement was made that Lindsey Beer will sit in the Director’s seat for the first time in her career for “Pet Sematary 2”. The original screenplay as well as its 1992 sequel were directed by Mary Lambert. Reportedly, it was important to executives to “go back to the film’s roots” and have a female director on the frontlines.

Other writing achievements by Beer include the screenplay for “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, writing for an upcoming Netflix series “The Magic Order”, and an upcoming “Spiderman” villain sequel “Silver Sable”, to name a few.

Beyond the announcement of the film’s director, details about production are few and far between. Below is a look at what is known thus far.


The Cast:

image courtesy of Rhonda Massad

At this point in time, there is no mention of a solidified release date or timeline. We do know, however, that like its prequel, the film will not be available in theatres and will instead be made exclusively available on Paramount+.

The film is early on into production which means its release is unlikely to happen before late 2022. That said, it may be pushed to 2023 depending on the state of the world, government guidelines, and a variety of other variables.

At this time, producers have not yet announced any stars or cast members. However, based on how the 2019 film ended, it is probable that Beer’s film will include a nearly new set of actors and actresses.

The Plot:

“The central concept of "Pet Sematary" is the titular cemetery (misspelled on signage by children) within the small town of Ludlow, Maine. The cemetery is capable of bringing the dead back to life. The powers of the cemetery are first revealed when the Creed family's cat, Church, is killed and consequently resurrected by their neighbor, Jud Crandall. Church, however, comes back with violent tendencies that were not present in his first life. The film soon reveals that humans, too, are brought back, not as they once were, but as violent supernatural monsters.”

John Abbott:

We also know that the film was on set over the last few weeks at John Abbott College. More specifically, the film was on set at the Aréna MacDonald which was used as a location for a particular scene in the movie.

image courtesy of Rhonda Massad


West Island News will continue to report details as more is learned.

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