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New protocols for Canadians re-entering the country

All vaccinated travellers returning to Canada must use the ArriveCAN app. The new measure is the result of some confusion at the Canadian-US border where vaccinated Canadians were forced to go into quarantine upon re-entry.

Whether you are travelling by land, air or water, it is mandatory to fill out the health and travel information in the ArriveCAN app or on the website. Foreign travellers who fail to fill out and submit the forms may be denied access into the country and Canadian travellers who do not complete the form may face delays at borders or fines.

Originally since November 2020, the ArriveCan app was solely used for people returning to the country by air. Now, since February 21, 2021, the app is mandatory for all travellers by air or land.

Make sure to fill out and submit your health and travel information in the ArrvieCan app prior to travelling back into the country. You do not want to be denied entry or face any unnecessary fines.



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