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Nelligan MNA donates $25,000 to West Island Community Shares in support of the community

$25,000 to support governance capacity building of the community sector, granted to West Island Community Shares by Monsef Derraji, MNA for Nelligan

True to his community spirit, Monsef Derraji, Member of National Assembly, Member of Parliament for Nelligan, and Leader of the Official Opposition, awarded $25,000 to West Island Community Shares to support community sector capacity building this week.

"This is a great way to mark our 25th anniversary! Mr. Monsef Derraji's contribution will allow us to implement concrete projects to assist more than 200 board members of more than 40 organizations, as well as to recruit new qualified members to support them. We are privileged to benefit not only from his financial support, but also from his expertise in governance as a Chartered Director and his active involvement in the community, " said Sophie McCann, Executive Director of Community Shares.

Community-based charities, especially the smaller ones, have been the hardest hit by the pandemic and are likely to be further impacted by the recession. It is for this reason that Mr. Derraji has chosen to support West Island Community Shares, which has set its sights this year on developing concrete initiatives to improve the governance of community sector organizations on the West Island.

These initiatives include training sessions on NPO governance, strategic planning and human resources management, the offering of a certificate in NPO leadership, as well as setting up meetings between volunteers and organizations seeking members for their board of directors.

"As an accredited corporate director, I wish, through Community Shares, to contribute to the implementation of concrete projects to strengthen the skills of board members and improve good governance within West Island nonprofit organizations, " stated Monsef Derraji, MNA for Nelligan.

West Island Community Shares is a unique charitable organization dedicated to building a strong, inclusive, peaceful and healthy community. We do this by raising crucial funds for 40 local community groups which focus on developing strong and resilient children, creating bridges to support vulnerable populations, empowering women to reach their full potential for themselves and their families, and providing basic necessities to West Islanders in need. For more information:

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