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Montreal SPCA dogs up for adoption

Adopt an animal See all of the little protégés waiting for their furever homes and learn more about the Montreal SPCA's adoption procedures and fees. Your new companion may be just a click away!

The Montreal SPCA currently has 6 dogs available for adoption.

Celeste Dog ● Young ● Female ● L

Theo Dog ● Young ● Male ● L

Timbit Dog ● Adult ● Male ● L

Natas Dog ● Senior ● Male ● L

Lucky Dog ● Adult ● Male ● L

Sibelle Dog ● Young ● Female ● L

  1. Evaluate the costs related to having a dog: food, veterinary appointments, grooming products, accessories etc.

  2. Depending on their size, a dog can live for approximately 12 to 15 years and requires a lot of attention. Will you have the time – and energy! – to take care of them every day?

  3. Anticipate an adjustment period for your new companion. You may have to deal with some minor damage to your home at first.

The Montreal SPCA also has 4 cats, 6 rabbits, and 2 turtles in need of a home.

Foster an animal Do you like animals, but are unable to commit to one long term? By fostering, you can temporarily offer shelter and care to an animal in need!



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