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Some Animatch friends looking for forever homes


Alfie was adopted as a pup from Animatch, but finds himself needing a new home due to circumstances beyond his human's control. He gets along with other dogs, but cats are out of the question. He loves his toys and playing fetch. Alfie is quite well behaved and enjoys meeting new people. He's hoping to find a home where he's loved as much as he was in his previous one. 


Athos and his littermates overcame a rough start in life. Their Mom wasn't up to caring for them, so an Animatch Foster Mom took them under her wing. She bottle-fed and watched over them until they were ready to find their forever homes. Athos will need lots of exercise, attention, training, play, and socializing. Because of his age, it's important that he not be left alone for long periods of time. He would love to live with another creature, either canine or feline. We've already discovered that Athos is quite opinionated, so no apartments or condos for him. Just look at that face and tell me you don't want to fill out the form. 


Marcus is back. His first try at a new forever home didn't work out, but he's ready to turn the page. He originally came from SPA Mauricie, where his elderly, unwell human had made the difficult decision to bring him. Marcus may be advanced in chronological years, but not in spirit or in body. He has the energy of a pup and loves long walks. He'll play fetch for as long as you like. Marcus would love a fenced yard where he could run and play safely. He's sometimes reactive when he meets other dogs, but is improving with time, patience, and training. No apartments or condos for him. If there's an experienced human out there who's looking for a dog that's full of beans, Marcus is here waiting for you. 


Yoki was adopted from Animatch as a pup, but finds herself in need of a new home because of compatibility issues with small dogs with her previous family. She loves humans and enjoys nothing more than long walks with them. Because of her high prey drive, she should be the only animal in her home. Yoki has been with us for three months, and isn't doing well in a kennel environment. She is depressed and often doesn't eat. She is only happy when a dog walker shows up with a leash. Yoki is waiting for that special dog walker who comes to take her home. 

For more information on Alfie, Athos, Marcus, Yoki, or any of the oher dogs available for adoption, go to


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1 Comment

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