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Montreal's most scenic bus routes according to Redditers

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Although taking public transit in Montreal can sometimes feel like a tedious chore, some Redditers have taken to the Internet to share their favorite routes.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to divert from your usual route, check out these scenic suggestions that may very well be in your backyard!


The 211

The 211 is a bus route West Islanders likely know very well. Spanning the length of Lakeshore road, passengers travel through Pointe-Claire, Baie D'Urfé, Beaconsfield, and Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue along the water.

As one Redditer suggested, "also, while you're in Ste-Anne's, might as well visit a bit. The [Morgan Arboretum] is really nice and you can access it somewhat easily from the JAC/Mac bus stop. It's a nice (but long) walk through the small campus." (SOURCE)

The 66

Spanning across Westmount and into Hampstead, one Reddit user said they enjoyed this bus route due to its particular lavishness and luxury.

"I’ve always liked the 66 because it goes past all the houses I’ll never be able to afford", said u/carelesswhisperer23

If big fancy houses are your speed, be sure to check out bus route 124 as well. According to u/FieldsOfJoy, route 124 also goes through a substantial part of Westmount, "and arguably more expensive areas than the 66." (SOURCE)

The 11/711

If you're looking for a reason to head to Mount Royal, look no further than the 11 and 711 lines. Both travel from Montreal's Plateau, into Côte-Des-Neiges. On your way, you'll see the beautiful Mount Royal and impressive St-Joseph's Oratory.

Image courtesy of the STM.

The 51

u/elzadra1 had lots to say about Montreal's 51 route. According to them, it is one of the city's longest and most varied routes.

"[It] starts out at Laurier metro, in the heart of the Plateau, you see a section of the Plateau and a glimpse of the Main, then it's the cute shopping district of Laurier West, then along Côte Ste-Catherine, past the Outremont mansions you can't afford, then around onto Édouard Montpetit, with its views of the Université de Montréal's buildings." (SOURCE)

The 129

And with the warmer weather months up ahead, u/matissetaschen recommends the 129 route for its greenery and nature.

"129 during summer is so calming [...]" (SOURCE)


Although your daily trip to Montreal's public transit may feel mundane, perhaps consider playing tourist in your own city, and taking in what Montreal has to offer on one of its many public bus routes.

Let us know your favorite route in the comments down below!

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