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Montreal is searching for the city’s best snowman!

Do you want to build a snowman? Well here is your chance!

The city of Montreal is hosting a snowman contest throughout the winter. Until March 7th, every time it snows, people are given an opportunity to build a snowman and submit their entry to the city of Montreal for the chance to win a prize.

How does it work?

1. Participants must live within one of the 19 burrows of the city of Montreal.

2. Participants have to build their snowman on a base of snow.

3. Natural materials must be used as decorative pieces on the snowman (leaves, branches, rocks, etc.)

In order to submit your snowman into the contest, there is an online form to fill out where participants must attach a photo of their snowman masterpiece.

The contest is split into categories: preschool group, school group, children ages 3-5, children ages 6-12, 13 and up, and families.

How are the winners decided?

The public will be voting on their favourite snowman between December 1st and March 11th through the city of Montreal’s website. Whoever gets the most votes in each category, wins!

Each category has a different prize:

50 $ - Children ages 3-5

50 $ - Children ages 6-12

50 $ - 13 and up

150 $ - Family (Must include at least one adult and one child)

250 $ - Preschool group (CPE, daycares, kindergarten)

350 $ - School group (elementary, high school, post-secondary)

For more information and the full list of contest rules, visit


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