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McGill's Macdonald Campus closes three pavilions after asbestos found

The announcement of the closure of the Raymond, Macdonald-Stewart and Barton pavilions was made late Tuesday evening to the university community. These pavilions notably house the faculty of agricultural and environmental sciences.

Classes in the affected buildings will be moved to virtual learning, but in cases where this is not possible, classes will have to be cancelled.

“Tests (smear contamination tests) conducted revealed the presence of asbestos on certain surfaces of the Raymond Pavilion, where renovation work is being carried out. Over the next few days, extensive testing will be carried out to identify and isolate the source of the problem, ”writes the director of public safety on campus, Pierre Barberie.

McGill will update the community as to test results and what is being done to fix the issue as soon as information becomes available, as well as firmer timelines on when buildings are expected to re-open.

By Friday, classes will be given online. As for research activities, only personnel "whose role includes caring for animals or preserving cell cultures and live plants will be allowed entry".

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