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Curfew lifted as of Monday, Legault announces

Premier Legault held a press conference on January 13th to address the current COVID situation and the measures that will be lifted as well as new ones being put into place.

Good news was reported where experts say that cases have reached their peak and hospitalization rates should follow the trend in coming days. It was stated that the measures in place have worked and we are going in the right direction. There was an emphasis on continuing to remain careful as hospitalizations remain high.

As announced by Premier Legault yesterday, elementary and high schools will be returning to in-person learning as of Monday. The government of Quebec stated this may worry parents, but Omicron has less of an effect on children especially if they are vaccinated. Self-tests will be distributed throughout schools.

CEGEPs and universities will also reopen as on January 17th.

The curfew in effect between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. since December 31 will be lifted as of Monday.

As for stores, they can reopen on Sundays after January 16th. Vaccination passports will become mandatory for large stores of more than 1500 square feet, excluding pharmacies and grocery stores as of January 24th.


Source: Government of Quebec

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