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Inspiring work from a Montreal based poet

Image courtesy of WIX

Elias is a 27-year-old poet from Montreal who recently put out his poetry book called The Side Effects of Caring. 6 months ago, Elias' work was released into the world for everyone to enjoy.

In an exclusive interview with West Island News, Elias said he was always an avid reader and that books were there for him when nothing else was. He spent his days discovering different subjects through fiction novels and encyclopedias about dogs. This is how he found his love for poetry and started writing at the age of 10 years old. At 12 he believed that he would become "the world's best 12-year-old author."

"I’m 27, now. Still, I am filled with the same vigour and passion that fuelled me as a [kid]."

Elias describes his poetry book The Side Effects of Caring as "an homage to suffering as well as survival." He mentioned that throughout his life he has struggled with grief from losing his best friend Sean as well as battling depression, anxiety, and heartbreak.

"This collection brings to light the beauty in the broken."

Elias hopes that his work can inspire the possibility of new happiness and that it will encourage those who do not read poetry to give it a try. The Side effects of Caring took over a year to physically create but the poems have been collected from Elias' handwritten journals over the years. The author made the decision to edit, format, and sign it all by himself to make it as authentically himself as possible.

He did have help with the artwork for the cover of the book which was created by his friend Luna Rattles. Her work can be found on her Instagram @lunzgoontoonz.

Elias is particularly inspired by the work of English romantic poet, John Keats and he describes nature in a hauntingly beautiful way. Elias also draws inspiration from experience and nature. He said that most of his inspiration comes from "the urge to turn a memory into reality."

"It evokes the muse; I have written many of my favourite pieces when in the woods."

A copy of Side Effects of Caring can be found on Amazon and Chapters. If you fall in love with his writing, Elias is working on a second poetry collection that will be around 200 pages and will feature his personal illustrations. More details on his work can be found on his Instagram page: @eliasthepoet.



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