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Indoor shows are back in Pierrefonds-Roxboro!

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After a long and tedious break away from the theatre, music, art, dancing and acting lovers are finally hitting the stage once more. Pierrefonds-Roxboro recently announced that for the first time since the pandemic's beginning, it has put together a thrilling and entertaining program of shows throughout the last two months of 2021. Shows will take place at the Centre Culturel de Pierrefonds as well as at the Beaubois Theater.

To make matters all the more exciting, in honour of returning to the place so many theatre lovers call home, all performances will be offered free of charge for the remainder of the season!


Here's what you can look forward to over the next few weeks:

Voyage - Matt Dupont

When? November 21st, 2021.

Voyage is an immersion in a musical and poetic world. Through this concert, Matt Dupont invites you to hear works for harp by telling you the stories that inspired and influenced their composition. Must see!

Au bout du conte - Les minimalices

In this show for families, four actors revisit, with a minimum of artifice for maximum inventiveness, the stories that rocked our childhoods, frightened our grandmothers, and captivated the most annoying of our cousins.

When? November 26th, 2021.

Le voyage en chansons des pères pétu

The show presents the great stages in the history of music from our country. From the laments of New France to Mes Aïeux and an old-fashioned wake, the joyful duo celebrates the rich musical culture of songs from yesterday to today with a touch of holiday spirit. Children will be invited to sing and dance!

When? December 3rd, 2021.

Charlie Brown's Christmas - Taurey Butler and his trio

A wonderful opportunity to get into the holiday spirit! Taurey Butler's trio offers a fresh modern take on the music from one of the most popular Christmas albums of all time. The Charlie Brown Christmas album has been played in many homes over the years through many generations.

When? December 11th, 2021.

Tickets are currently sold out to this event. Do be sure to check back to see if tickets or dates open up.


On behalf of everyone at West Island News, to those in the theatre community, we simply want to say: BREAK A LEG!

SOURCE: Pierrefonds-Roxboro

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