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Ile-Perrot residents oppose new condo project.

The residents have spoken against the new "Azur" project.

The Azur condo
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The residents of Ile-Perrot have disapproved of the city’s plan to promote the construction of the "Azur", a massive nine-floor condo with 170 apartments and 255 parking spots on the site of the iconic Vieux Kitzbuhel. Many people oppose this project as it goes against the area’s urban plan and municipal bylaws, which state that there can be a maximum of two floors, public access to the shore, and more which contradict the plans for the new condo.

Parents are also concerned about their kids’ safety, with the building being in a non-transit-oriented zone. A structure of this density, which far exceeds the maximum amount implemented by the urban plan, would promote the use of more cars in an area that is mostly geared towards active mobility, with kids using those streets to go to school, the park, the pool, etc.

People haven’t hesitated to express their opinion on this project, submitting a petition to the city with over 170 signatures from neighboring zones. This counts for almost every house in those zones.

In a statement released by the city of Ile-Perrot on March 25th, they claim that the original plan with 170 apartments has been revoked in order to meet the urban plan bylaws. (Translated from French) “Currently, the regulation allows for the construction of a commercial building with a recreational tourism vocation of two floors.” The city also plans to hold a discussion workshop on April 12th in order for participants to express their comments and suggestions.

“After the evening of April 12th, a follow-up will be done with the citizens. Depending on what emerges, developers/owners will be able to assess whether they will quickly file a new project or would prefer to take more time to analyze the available options.”

Ile-Perrot Mayor Pierre Seguin had this to say about the project. (translated from French) “From the start, it was clear to City Council that the approach proposed by the developers and owners of the land needed to be consulted with citizens, especially those living near the site."

Those invited to the meeting will receive an invitation by mail. All other city residents can access the documents and recordings of the meetings on the city’s website, and questions can be submitted through the dedicated email address.

Ile-Perrot residents oppose new condo project.

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