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I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, Unnerstand!

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You


When I was a little girl, my parents went to New York City and brought home a yellow nightgown for me. The words, I Love You, repeated 3 times vertically on the front in orange print. The word, Unnerstand, followed in green print. Every time I wore this nightgown my parents would say, “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, Unnerstand! My sister and brother would do the same thing. It was really fun wearing it. Actually, I wore it so often, it literally fell apart.

When my grandparents would come over at night and my parents would tell us kids to get into pajamas… Of course, I rushed to put this nightgown on. My grandparents would read the words out loud, which made us all giggle. This was my favourite nighty! I wanted this nightgown to last forever!

Every time I wore it, I felt love and silliness.

The joke surrounding the word “unnerstand” was simply due to the fact that I had, and still have, great difficulty spelling. So, it seemed perfectly normal for me to be wearing a nightgown which had a word misspelled. Actually, it was quite defining and appropriate considering it represented the real me.

Even today, after I read this article to my Mother she reminisced about the nightgown and how much fun we all had when I wore it. On occasion, I will say to her, “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.” She will reply, “Unnerstand!” This is a funny little something silly we will never forget as a family.

How simple it is to embrace a silly little nightgown which had a happy lasting effect on our family. So simple. So easy. So youthful, playful and innocent.

Again… so simple.

Ohhhhh… The simpler things in life are certainly right around the corner if you look for them.

Here is my challenge for you on this time before Valentine’s Day. Look beyond the conventional gifts to celebrate your love for someone. Buy a blank card or make a card. Write what you feel. What you really feel inside. Like, “I think about you all day long and then I have to work around that.” Or, “Ya know, you’re a pain in the ass, Butt I miss that when you’re not around.” Or, use the words from the title and print them on a cute card or t-shirt!

Think beyond the cards which are written by someone else. Really dig deep down into your thoughts and write something YOU personally feel. Adding some humour is always the best medicine for everything too.

During one of my creative writing classes, I tell my students to try to write by candle light. This activity helps writers to hear their inner thoughts and tap into their senses and emotions.

I suggest turning off all the lights in a room. Dim the computer if you are composing on it. Close all the electric lights and sounds and light a safe candle. Watch the flame. Listen to the flame. Feel the air around you. Stare at the flame. Smell the burning wax. Relax your shoulders, neck, and face. Relax your arms and fingers. Become one with the flame. Close your eyes and feel the light of the flame against your eye lids. Keep your eyes closed and listen to your thoughts. Really listen to your thoughts. Feel the words come out of you and write them down.

Now, create a bond between you and the paper via the ink with the flame as your guide. Hone this. Think of someone you would like to share a thought with and write to them, for them. For example, “Dear Poops, I lack breath without you. I want to cradle you in my arms forever. Without your love, my life is pale and empty. Love me always and always be mine.”

I’m sure during this creative writing candle activity you will find wonderful, amazing, beautiful words to express to your special someone. In the process, you may even summon the spirits and gods to help you too. Be open to all that comes your way.

“A truthful open heart is boundless of what it can fill.” – Suzanne

Open your heart and mind and allow it to fill with spirits.

On this eve of many expressions of love, I share with you my deepest appreciation for reading my work and for sharing in my passion of writing. Thank you for going beyond the words I write and for reading in between the lines of love and life. It’s a joy, a love, a romantic relationship to be able to share this with you.

I wish you much love and I hope you will forever, Unnerstand!


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