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How West Islanders, Akilah Newton and Jason Bolanis, are celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual event throughout the month of February to highlight the impact of the historic contributions of Black communities within our society.

Throughout the month, individuals as well as organizations can be seen taking on different initiatives to support Black History Month.

This educational video was taken by West Islanders, Akilah Newton and Jason Bolanis, to celebrate the 26 years of Black History Month within Canadian history.

It has been posted onto Akilah Newton's Youtube, Big Dreamers where the goal of this page "is to celebrate multiculturalism and individuality through the lens of diversity".

Akilah Newton is the founder of the organization Overture with the Arts. It is a non-profit that is focused on making performing arts accessible for all children and youth. Through her passion for arts and activism, Akilah Newton creates resources to educate youth about Canadian Black History.

During this video, Akilah Newton shares a variety of stories of Black activists that have created historic moments within Canadian history to celebrate Black excellence.

Check out the video and Akilah Newton’s YouTube to learn more.


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