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How to make a rag wreath

This rag wreath project is a great scrap busting project and one that is fun to work on while watching late night movies. Once I had prepared all my fabric strips the task was mindless. The wreath takes a bit of time so it can be a nice project over a few evenings. Once your wreath is ready it makes a beautiful decoration for your door if you have an overhang outside to protect it from the elements. If the wreath does get wet, let it dry and shake it out.

I fell in love with the idea of making a heart shaped one but could not source the heart form locally.

Here is how to get it done:

  • you will need a wire wreath form any shape or size is fine

  • A pile of fabric cut into strips. I like to cut my strips into pieces about 1.5″ wide and 8″ long. If you are doing a smaller wreath adjust the size of your stripes. I varied my strips making it more shabby. I also ripped my strips after cutting the edges. This gives a frayed edge to the strips. For a cleaner look you can cut your strips with scissors.

  • Medium weight cotton fabric such as quilting fabric works well for a rag wreath but this is also a great way to use up old sheets or pillowcases-the amount of fabric that you will need will depend on the size of your wreath form but 1/4 of a yard of each color or pattern is a good start.

The Steps

  • Step 1: Using scissors, cut your strips of fabric. rip or tear the strips. Your measurements do not need to be exact nor do your cuts.

  • Step 2: Once you get your strips cut, put them in stacks on your work surface.

  • Step 3: Place your wire wreath form on your work surface.

  • Step 4: Take one strip, fold it in half, and place it under one wire. Pull the ends through and tie a knot.

  • Step 5: Repeat the process (over and over) and push the knotted strips together as you are working to create a full look.

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