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How Gardens Inspire the Gaming World

If you’ve ever experienced cabin fever, you may have missed the freedom offered by the outside world, with all its natural beauty and real-world landscapes. That’s especially true for the country bumpkins among you, who love nothing more than to appreciate garden design and landscape architecture. Fortunately, for those times when you’re stuck inside, there’s a worthy substitute in the form of video games themed around gardening. You can virtually wander around all kinds of gardening environments that you would never get to see in your local area.

There's no shortage of virtual worlds available to use these days. You can visit a virtual casino online. Or you can download one of the many VR apps from the Google Play Store or App Store. But there's something about gardening, in particular, that offers a wonderful virtual appeal. Some of these games, you can simply enjoy for their ability let you to relax and to experience some landscape escapism. The best of these games take you to some wonderful places, where you can either simply enjoy the view or go exploring, especially when there are no missions, agenda, or questions to answer. So if you want to explore the virtual outdoors or enjoy some landscape escapism, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Here are three of the best games that allow you to do just that.

Rosa’s Garden

In the mobile game Rosa’s Garden, your screen is taken over by soft shades of pink, red, and yellow, as roses emerge from the digital earth. Soft field recordings echo in the background, as you hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling. If you find two matched roses, the game becomes even prettier, as the screen displays a shower of pastel petals. These seeds grow into more stunning flowers, as the cycle continues.


Here’s a flower growing game to relax you, with the goal being nothing more than to have a good time. You’re on an island with flowers growing on it. You’re then free to harvest samples from these flowers and breed them with other samples to create new hybrids. Something new will be formed from the flowers’ genes that merge and mutate.

The flowers grow in time and populate your island that you can then walk around and enjoy. There’s an enormous variety of flowers for you to plant and discover. The relaxing soundtrack helps to complete the experience.


Here, you land on a number of different planets in a bid to fix the atmosphere. There are only a small number of flowers on each of these planets, so you’re tasked with harvesting them. There are various flower types, which can only grow in specific biomes. So you’ll have to plant them in the right places and return to harvest again when they begin to sparkle.

You can also buy and sell seeds through the store. Slowly, the planetary atmosphere increases, and your planet will bloom once more. There are numerous other planets you can help out, so off you go on to the next one and start again. You’ll soon have your virtual gardens growing all over the galaxy.


The combination of gardening and gaming makes for a beautiful collision. Of course, there’s only so far a real-world substitute can go. But ir goes pretty far. In fact, the level it reaches is both comforting and staggering. And if you’re in a situation where you can’t go out and explore as much as you’d like right now, the options available to you to enjoy some landscape escapism from your four walls are very impressive indeed.

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