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How BBQ sauce can help fight a rare disease

Image courtesy of WIX

In 2019 Liam was diagnosed with a rare disease that has no cure. The doctors told Liam's parents the life expectancy for his condition is 3 months to 12 years. Liam's dad Kevin decided to create The Liam Foundation to help raise funds for research and purchase any special equipment that they may need throughout the course of his son’s treaTrent.

Kevin has dedicated his time to helping fundraise for his son's Mitochondrial disease, more specifically POLG disease. This genetic disorder causes balance and gross motor issues, epilepsy and autism for Liam.

Cunningham's Pub in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has teamed up with The Liam foundation to create a delicious chicken wing sauce at the end of April.

"Cunningham’s Pub is extremely proud to be associated with the Liam project. When I saw how passionate Liam’s father Kevin was in trying to raise funds to help find a cure for his son’s mitochondrial disease, we hopped right on board"
-Jim Beauchamp, owner of Cunningham's Pub

The Louisiana-style sauce will be delicious not only on chicken wings but virtually everything. The sauce will cost $10 which will go towards the foundation in helping find a cure for mitochondrial disease.

"The sauce is called The Warrior, named after Liam and his incredible toughness through battle with this disease"
-Jim Beauchamp, owner of Cunningham's Pub

If you would like to donate now while waiting for the sauce to be available visit


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