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Former NHL player Nick Kypreos on the Habs PK Subban trade, five years later.

Almost five years later, and this trade is still making headlines.

Sick Podcast host Tony Marinaro (left) talks with former NHL Player Nick Kypreos (right)

Former NHL player and Stanley Cup Champion Nick Kypreos joined the Sick Podcast Host Tony Marinaro this morning. The two discussed the fast-approaching five-year anniversary of the famous Habs trade which sent PK Subban to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Shea Weber. Subban has since been traded from Nashville to the New Jersey Devils, while carrying a 9 million dollar AAV.

A trade involving Subban out of Montreal had been brewing for a while. There were rumors that he and former Habs captain Max Pacioretty did not get along, as well as the fact that Subban made controversial comments targeting the organization prior to his trade. “At the awards ceremony, PK said that the team failed from a player standpoint, from a management standpoint, from an ownership standpoint and that none of them did enough.” Explained Marinaro. “Knowing Montreal, if you want to call out the players it’s one thing, but if you’re calling out the owners and management, for me that was the nail in the coffin”.

The trade did not shock Kypreos, as he was following the story prior to the announcement that Subban would be sent to Nashville. What surprised him was the fact that it was Shea Weber on the other end of the trade. “My socks fell off. I had to go back to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake.” Said Kypreos. “Shea Weber’s name never came up in rumors. He was the rock of the Nashville predators.”

Weber, who is currently the captain of the Montreal Canadiens, had his career in jeopardy last season after it was announced that a foot injury he had sustained might force an early retirement. While Weber hasn’t retired yet, the effects of his injury might be causing the decline in his game. “The information that I was given was that Shea Weber will eventually need surgery, and the surgeon has said that if he is going to have the surgery, he won’t be able to play hockey anymore.” Said Marinaro. “If this information is accurate, obviously he is gutting it out and playing through pain.”

Montreal Canadiens captain Shea Weber
Shea Weber has been struggling this season with only 19 points in 47 games. Photo credit: Sporting News

“I tip my hat to Shea Weber.” Explained Kypreos. “I know he’s barely on one leg, and there are some nights where it’s tough for him to get up and down and move laterally. I watched him score against Calgary and I could see the passion and emotion in his face as he went down the bench saying ‘I’m still here“. He continued to explain that despite the passion, Weber is on his last leg and won’t be 100% again. “Where does this leave the Montreal Canadiens next year? Where does it leave them with the cap? Those are questions that they are going to have to figure out.”

The duo continued to talk about Carey Price’s future in Montreal. Although the struggling goalie hasn’t been himself the entire season and is carrying a 10.5 million dollar AAV, Kypreos doesn’t see Price leaving Montreal. “As long as Bergevin is there, he’s got to make it a top priority to make Carey Price work for the Montreal Canadiens. The only focus they have is to try to make him better. Make him recuperate and be the guy that they signed.”

To watch the full podcast, visit Nick Kypreos Joins Us! - Habs Talk #23 - YouTube

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