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Ecomuseum bear wakes up after her long winter's nap

Image courtesy of the Ecomuseum Zoo

Genie the 10-year-old black bear from The Ecomuseum Zoo, woke up on Friday, March 18th to declare the arrival of Spring!

The adorable black bear went into hibernation on November 23rd, 2021 and finally woke up to make everyone's day a little brighter by stepping out into the snow to welcome the warm weather.

The Ecomuseum Zoo says there is a tradition that says the bears have always been quite accurate in predicting the arrival of the spring season. So say goodbye to winter!

If you want to see how happy Genie was to play in the snow, check out the video below!

Visit the Ecomuseum Zoo and learn how black bears spend their summers fattening up for winter so they can go back to sleep without waking up early with a rumbling stomach.


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