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Dogs up for adoption at Animatch

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If you're looking for a new furry friend to bring into your home this winter, then look no further than Animatch.

Here are four new pups seeking their forever families!


Hope - Female - Labrador Shepherd X - 1 Year Old

Image courtesy of Animatch - Hope

Hope came from Whapmagoostui with her twelve (that's right, twelve) pups. An even dozen. She is a good Mom but is happy that the little guys are finding their forever homes, so she can do the same. She's a little shy at first, but quite affectionate after a few minutes. Hope has no training, so obedience classes would be a big help. She's alright with other dogs after a proper introduction. Like most dogs who have lived in the wild, she has come to the conclusion that cats were placed on earth for her to chase. This lovely girl needs affection, patience, and love for the next ten to fifteen years. Laverne - Female - Chihuahua - 9 Months Old

Image courtesy of Animatch - Laverne

Laverne was adopted from Animatch, but through no fault of her own, she was back a few days later. Just the wrong match. The next one must be the right one. Changes like this aren't good for any dog, but Laverne already had a rough start. She was dumped by her owner, and then saved by Ruffugees, a Texas rescue. They helped her reach us. Because of her size, she would be happier in an adult home, or one with older children. Laverne needs stability, affection, attention, and toilet training. She needs to know that she's never going to be on her own again. She's looking for the humans who can make and keep that promise. Bruce - Male - Labrador Husky X - 7 Months Old

Image courtesy of Animatch - Bruce

Bruce is still young, but at seven months old, he's now competing with all those cute little pups. He had to fend for himself for the first months of his life and lacks socialization. When he first came here, he was fearful around unfamiliar people, but we already see great improvement in this area. Bruce is looking for just the right human- someone experienced, calm, and patient, who believes in positive reinforcement. Obedience training is recommended. He gets along with other dogs, especially females, but cats are a no-no. Of course, Bruce would love to find a family who enjoys winter as much as he does. Zaitoneh - Female - Canaan X - 1 Year Old

Image courtesy of Animatch - Zaitoneh

Zaitoneh means Olive, and she was found hiding in an olive garden in Jordan. This is a whole new world, especially the snow. She's looking for an experienced human who has time, patience, and perseverance. Obedience classes would help with her shyness. Another calm, well-adjusted dog in the family would be great. She needs regular exercise but isn't hyper. Because of the trauma and upheaval she has endured, Zaitoneh could be a flight risk. A fenced yard would be ideal and she should always be on a leash when outside, even with you. She's looking for a family who can welcome her into their hearts and give her the life she deserves.


For more information on Hope, Laverne, Bruce, Zaitoneh, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to


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