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Curling for change: how sports can help save lives

Image courtesy of Raise on the Rink on Facebook

With all the Covid-19 restrictions in Quebec, it's hard to enjoy your favourite team sport and receive that stress relief you get from practicing or playing. That is how a young resident from Beaconsfield felt when she couldn't play her favourite sport; curling.

Hannah Gargul had been curling for 11 years and wasn't able to this year due to Covid restrictions. She decided to take it upon herself to create a charity event to raise money for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

"As a Spirit of Sandra Scholar, I was given the incredible opportunity to host my own fundraiser with the support of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation."
-Hannah Gargul

Alongside her family, Gargul built a sheet of ice to curl on during the winter. During the Raise on the Rink event, local curlers and first time curlers had the opportunity to play games from 10 am to 10 pm with the entry fee of $25, all profits going to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

Image courtesy of Raise on the Rink on Facebook

"We thought outdoor curling would be a great way to provide a fun day for curlers who are missing the sport right now while also raising money for a very worthy cause."
-Hannah Gargul

The foundation was created in honour of Olympic Champion curler Sandra Schmirler. It raises money to save the lives of premature babies that are too small or too sick. The Sandra Schmirler Foundation gives grants to hospitals across Canada including the Sainte-Justine Hospital, Montreal Children's Hospital and Maisonneuve-Rosement Hospital.

Hannah hopes that next year the fundraiser can be bigger and better. For anyone who was not able to participate this year but still would like to donate can do so at

Those who want to see more pictures and find out about any future events can visit their Facebook page Raise on the Rink!

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