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Creating mattresses from plastic milk bags

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The best way to help with the environment is to be conscious of what you are doing with plastic; whether it’s buying it or disposing of it. Recycling your plastic milk bags is a great start to being more eco-conscious.

Summerlea United Church in Lachine is collecting plastic milk bags; the ones that hole the 3 bags of milk. The bags will be used to weave into roll-up mattresses for the homeless.

The mattresses will be donated to Open Door Shelter a drop-in centre that provides services for the homeless and low-income families in downtown Montreal. The shelter provides food, clothing, shelter, as well as drug addiction and mental health counselling services.

The plastic milk bags can be dropped off at any point at either the Summerlea United Church located at 50th Avenue, Lachine or the All Saints by the Lake Church located at 865 Lakeshore Drive in Dorval. The bags can be pushed through the mailbox slots and will be gratefully accepted.

To help out our lower income community and contribute to a green planet make sure to either donate plastic items or consciously expose of them!


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