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Corbeille de pain serves up programs and services tailored to food security.

Corbeille de pain is a non-profit organization on the West Island whose mission is to offer a variety of activities that promote the accessibility, availability, and affordability of healthy foods. Corbeille de pain's entire kitchen program is a way for members of the West Island Community to access education and a community related to food. The importance of this program can be seen in the Community Kitchens and the various workshops led by their animators, where participants can learn culinary skills and foster a sense of community.

C.D.P serves a diverse community, and this is reflected in its participants. From high school children to immigrant parents and elders, Corbeille caters to their need for access to nutritious meals and education surrounding food. At the community kitchens, participants look forward to weekly gatherings and a space where ideas are exchanged, and friendships are formed, with food being the common denominator. It's also an opportunity for participants to explore Quebec's local and seasonal produce, which they might not be used to. These workshops are also an excellent way for people to learn about food waste and sustainability and how that impacts themselves and the earth.

I find the community kitchens very helpful because it inspires me to make nutritious meals for my family. It's also a place where I can cook with others and listen to and exchange ideas. I look forward to coming to these workshops.- Ewa Rutkowski.

One of the projects within this program is a cooking workshop for students. They often don't have access to healthy, nutritious, and sustainable meals for a multitude of reasons, such as cost, mental health, and inaccessibility (food deserts). The animators guide students throughout a multiple-week session where they learn to become comfortable in the kitchen so they can cook by themselves. These workshops are an inclusive space where students can learn about themselves (their likes and dislikes) and work together to cook a meal which teaches them leadership and teamworking skills.

In order to continue these programs, Corbeille de pain needs your assistance. With their new Giving Tuesday fundraising platform, you can donate any time throughout the month so they may reach this year's goal of $2,500.

To find out more about their programs and services, click here.

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