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CBD Oil Dog Treats: How To Get The Dosage Right

After reading and learning about CBD oil and treats, you’re excited to try the products out, believing that they can significantly improve your dog’s quality of life. If you’re assuming that you’ll get a more energetic and healthier canine after introducing this product to its diet, then your assumptions are definitely right. There’s just one teeny tiny catch. You’ll have to get the dosage right.

Medicating your pet requires you to be very responsible dosage-wise. It’s not like you can just give your animal the amount you believe is right and get it all over with. That would be rather reckless of you and I want to believe that you aren’t reckless when your dog’s health is in question. You probably want your animal to be as happy and as healthy as it gets.

Speaking of health, here are some useful tips on that:

I don’t suppose you would administer any medication to your canine without first consulting the experts on the dosage. Why would this be any different when it comes to CBD? Sure, you might say that it is, in fact, rather different since Cannabidiol cannot cause the side effects that certain other medications can and I’d be ready to agree with you on that one. Still, you ought to know the right dosage for two different reasons.

For starters, you need to make sure that the product is working and it cannot work if you are administering too little of it. Then, there is also the possibility of administering too much. While it’s correct that you don’t need to worry about any serious side effects, giving too high a dosage might very well lead to certain unpleasant issues. Sure, they’ll quickly pass, but there’s no need for those to even appear, which is why you should be careful. Before we go any further, let us check out what can happen if you exaggerate with CBD.

Side Effects Of Too Much CBD

Some people rely on the fact that they cannot harm their pet with this compound, which is why they make the mistake of giving them too much. Their mistakes have led to a kind of a revelation. Simply said, their mistakes revealed what happens when you exaggerate with these products. Luckily, there were no severe consequences.

Here’s what can happen. When you decide to administer the supplement arbitrarily and you end up going overboard with it, you might notice your dog becoming too sleepy and drowsy. In addition to that, your pet can start vomiting, which is probably its way of getting rid of the excess product in its organism. Diarrhea is also another common symptom of too much CBD.

Those are the biggest negative consequences that can be caused by CBD oil for dogs, but only if you give it too much. You might say that this isn’t serious at all and you’re right, but let me ask you a question. Do you really want to watch your canine suffer like that, no matter how temporary the suffering might be? I suppose you don’t. That’s why you should learn how to get the dosage right and now we’re going to look into that. Here’s what you should do.

Consider The Weight Of Your Dog

The first thing that you should take into consideration is the size of your animal. Unsurprisingly, smaller breeds cannot take the same amount of CBD as larger breeds. This is common sense. If you don’t know how much your canine weighs exactly, there’s no need to panic. You don’t have to be extremely precise and taking an approximate guess will probably be enough to determine the dosage.

Lower amounts will be enough to treat and keep smaller dogs healthy, while larger breeds will require slightly lower dosages. That’s a general rule of thumb, but it’s not the only rule that you should follow. In fact, you’ll have to combine a few different rules in order to get this right. Let us now take a look at the second one that you need to keep in mind.

Think About The Reason

As you probably already know, people give Somnio CBD to their canines for multiple reasons. This compound has proved to be beneficial for all kinds of illnesses. It can help ease the symptoms of arthritis, alleviate your pet’s anxiety or reduce its epileptic seizures. Certain studies have also shown that it might be of huge value during the process of fighting cancer.

Those are only some of the diseases that these products can help treat and if you want to learn more about that, I suggest you do further research. The important thing is, CBD can also be given to healthy animals, which means that you shouldn’t wait for your canine to develop certain symptoms in order to introduce this compound to its routine. Quite on the contrary, a lot of owners are giving the compound in order to maintain a healthy balance in their dogs’ organisms and to keep the animal generally healthy and happy.

Why am I telling you all of that, though? Well, the reason is quite simple. The amount you will be administering also depends on the condition you are trying to treat and the goal you are trying to achieve. Usually, the more serious the issue, the higher dosage is required. Don’t forget to take that into account together with the first rule.

Check CBD Concentration

This is the last rule you will need to follow and it arose from the fact that different manufacturers put different amounts of Cannabidiol in their product. It would be best if you could find a chart on the website of the supplier you are buying from, because the info you get there will be directly related to their product. If you don’t manage to do that, though, you can always read the label to check CBD concentration in the product. Generally, you should always start with lower dosages and then proceed to increasing it if you notice that there’s no improvement.



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