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Cadillac Fairview to put up a fence around the Fairview Forest.

The wooded area behind Cadillac Fairview, or the Fairview Forest in Pointe-Claire, will be fenced in beginning this week. The installation of the fence will be carried out in stages and spread out over three weeks.

Environmental activist Geneviève Lussier is a vocal proponent of protecting the wooded area. The "Save Fairview Forest" movement has been ongoing for over two years. It has grown in support from West Islanders concerned with the development of the wooded area, which is a habitat for wildlife and the approximately 50 acres of mature forest and wetland. She also fears for the habitat of the brown snake. This species lives in the forest and is in a precarious situation in Québec as a result of urban development, according to the Zoo Ecomuseum.

Cadillac Fairview intends to develop the land next to the Pointe-Claire REM station to create condos, businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

PHOTO: AgoraMontréal

"We are 100% against this plan. There is no way to safeguard the well-being of the sensitive areas and fauna when you have large machinery going in," Lussier stated on her Facebook page.

The City acknowledged these concerns in a statement:

"Though the City of Pointe-Claire and its residents acknowledge the importance of the wooded area, this land is private, and the owner has the right to proceed with this fence installation. The City is responsible for ensuring that the project complies with all regulations before the work can be completed. "

"Save Fairview Forest" rally last week in support of preserving the forest.

PHOTO: Facebook, Save Fairview Forest.

On April 19, teams from the City of Pointe-Claire and Cadillac Fairview visited the wooded area with the team representatives who will be installing a fence around the site. The City claims that the purpose of this meeting was to ensure that the completion of the project would comply with by-laws and that particular attention would be paid to the sensitive environment. The Planning and Public Security teams confirm that the project complies with local regulations.

The West Island News reached out to CF Fairview and they have yet to respond at the time of publication.

SOURCE: City of Pointe-Claire, Save Fairview Forest.


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