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Best Places to Retire in British Columbia

Heading into retirement is a large step that starts the next phase of your life. Deciding where to spend that phase is difficult because there's literally a world full of options. Instead of staying put, or chasing hot sunny beaches year-round: consider British Columbia.

These are the top places to retire in this Province, and why it’s heaven for anyone who moves here.

Why British Columbia?

British Columbia may surprise many because it's not often on the top of peoples' minds when considering retirement. Many immediately think of sandy shores and hot sun year-round, but this isn't the ideal retirement (or even vacation) for everyone.

British Columbia has everything from fantastic Canadian healthcare, which is more important when you're getting older, to incredible views and communities that will keep you feeling younger for longer. The following are some of the best places to chase that feeling and why they're so incredible.

Victoria, BC

If you've always felt like an artsy spirit, and you're not willing to give up the idea of endless beaches and water from your retirement plan, it's time to consider a move to Victoria. This gorgeous city is just a three-hour ferry ride from Seattle and is the best art town in Canada.

Beaches surround most of the city, and what remains is surrounded by deep and lush forests that many love to trek and enjoy. Victoria is an amazing place to start your retirement.

Whistler, BC

If, instead of beaches, you feel the mountains and ski slopes calling to you: Whistler may be your future home. This tourism hot spot is internationally famous for its amazing skiing and snowboarding and the incredible views that come with it.

Just a couple of hours outside of Vancouver, you can drive down to the city at any time or simply stay in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. In the winter, this city is full of winter sports enthusiasts

Still, in the summer, when the snow has melted away, this city is far quieter and peaceful, surrounded by bright green mountains and crisp, clear rivers and lakes that will let you feel like you found paradise by buying real estate for sale in Whistler.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver may not be what many consider a retirement city, but don't pass over this option. On the banks of beautiful open water, Eastern Vancouver feels like an entirely different place. On one side, you get the stunning views of architecture and the mountains that seem to stretch on forever, and on the other, you get rippling waves and soothing tranquility.

Retiring here means that you'll always get to be on the cutting edge of what's new in technology and entertainment, but also that you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable retirement as long as you pick your real estate wisely.

You Can Retire in Luxury Anywhere in BC

British Columbia is full of surprising pockets of comfort and luxury. You can find a community built around any hobby or sport, and it's easy to make friends here: so why not make a move to retire in BC and create your tight-knit community?



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