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Beautiful winter art popping up in Kirkland!

A man in the West Island has been using his time in lockdown to be creative in the snow! Steven Zhang, a Kirkland resident started ice sculpting last year as a new hobby when he realized that he had a lot of new time on his hands and Montreal had a lot of snow.

"Guan Gong" Image Courtesy of Steven Zhang

Ice sculpting didn't just come naturally to Steven. Zhang has been practicing Chinese art for over 10 years and incorporates his influences into his sculptures. His first snow sculpture that he did was Guan Gong, a military general that is one of the most revered paradigms of loyalty and righteousness.

"I hope Guan Gong can bless everyone in the pandemic."
-Steven Zhang

Steven says that the other sculptures that are beautifully sprayed with Chinese paint represent peace and safety. It usually takes him two to three days to make just one sculpture with some help from his family. Steven builds the sculptures himself but also has help from his family to collect snow and take pictures.

Steven has been getting a lot of praise on his Facebook for his excellent work and will be continuing to make more sculptures.

"I will make some sculptures which look like animals because the kids love them."

Everyone is welcome to stop Andre-Brunet street in Kirkland to look at these incredible sculptures and say hi to Steven!


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