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The city of Beaconsfield needs ice rink attendants!

Use your love for skating as a way to earn some money during the winter season. The city of Beaconsfield is looking for responsible people to watch over and take care of its outdoor ice rinks.

The role is asking for someone to supervise while people skate, clear the pathways and make sure the ice is smooth. You must also be able to keep a daily attendance record as well as ensure the general cleanliness of the premises. Other requirements are a valid driver's license and being able to speak English and French.

The position starts on December 13, 2021, and will last 4 months. During those months you will be responsible to take care of the ice rinks in Beacon Hill, Windermere, Briarwood, Drummond as well as Heights and Christmas the two hockey-only rinks.

Combining your favorite winter activity with a salary of $18.83 per hour is the best job for a young adult or anyone looking for something fun to do while getting paid this cold season! If you're interested apply here!

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