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Are you a University student who lives in Kirkland? You could be eligible for these scholarships.

PHOTO: City of Kirkland

University students residing in Kirkland could be eligible for one of two scholarships offered by the Kirkland 25th Anniversary Scholarship Foundation.

The Foundation offers the Kirkland 25th Anniversary Scholarship and the Barry Fanning Memorial Scholarship. Eligible students have the possibility of being awarded between $1,000 and $3,000.

Eligibility criteria;

  • Students must be entering full-time University studies or currently enrolled full-time in a University undergraduate or graduate degree program (certificate and diploma programs are not eligible)

  • Have an above-average academic performance

  • Reside in Kirkland for at least one year as of August 1

  • Students should be considered as active participants in community activities and/or actively involved in volunteering for charitable organization(s)

  • Display athletic excellence and plan to continue athletics at University (Barry Fanning Memorial Scholarship applicants only)

Barry Fanning Memorial Scholarship

The Foundation also administers the Barry Fanning Memorial Scholarship for students who, in addition to meeting the above criteria, have displayed athletic excellence and plan to continue their athletic careers. Wholly funded by the Kirkland Oldtimers’ Hockey League, this scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Barry Fanning, a popular member of the Oldtimers’ league who sadly died a few years ago.

To apply

Fill out the scholarship application form. Applications for the scholarship program must be submitted along with all required documents no later than August 1, 2022.

SOURCE: City of Kirkland

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