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Animatch's June adoptees are searching for new homes.

Each dog that enters into Animatch's loving care has a story. Here are some fur babies that have landed a temporary spot there and are searching for new, permanent homes.

Frilly is an 8 1/2-year-old female Miniature Pinscher in need of a new home.

Due to her human's illness, she had to leave her familiar surroundings and is now looking for a new family. Frilly is full of energy and enjoys multiple walks each day. However, she has a strong instinct to chase cats. Given her upsetting displacement, Frilly may require a toilet training refresher. She can get along with other dogs but would prefer to be the only pet in the household. It is recommended that any children in the home be older and respectful. Frilly tends to be vocal when left alone, so she would not be suitable for apartments or condos. She hopes to find a caring person who can give her a fresh start in life.

Reha is a 6-month-old female Spaniel mix who ended up at Animatch due to the challenges of having both a new baby and a puppy simultaneously.

She is currently with a foster mom who describes her as a combination of high energy and a cuddler. Reha enjoys the company of other dogs and may do well in a home with a canine companion who can keep up with her. Daily long walks and plenty of activity will be essential for her. Training is recommended, particularly for leash walking and recall. Reha has the potential to be a wonderful addition to a suitable home.

Sierra, an 8-year-old female Chihuahua, found herself needing a new home due to her family's breakup and subsequent move.

Initially, she was feeling down, but now she is with a foster mom. Sierra has received dental care, including teeth cleaning and extractions. She also has a heart murmur and a collapsed trachea, which causes occasional coughing. She requires medication at a monthly cost of around $65 - $70 per month. Sierra is hoping to find a home where she can enjoy leisurely walks and snuggle up indoors.

Rosita is a 4-month-old female Treeing Walker Coonhound.

She wants everyone to know she is not a Beagle but is often mistaken for one. A breeder surrendered Rosita and her litter. She has a lovely temperament and is seeking an active family who understands the breed. Coonhounds have a strong sense of smell and require long walks to exercise their noses. A fenced yard is necessary as Rosita can become focused and persistent when she catches a scent. Due to their howling tendencies, apartments or condos are not suitable for her. Rosita is active and athletic, making her a great candidate for activities such as scent work, tracking, and agility. While she gets along with other dogs, she may not be compatible with cats.

For more information on adopting Frilly, Reha, Sierra, or Rosita, please visit



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