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Major district development in Lachine starting point for Pink Line.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The City of Montréal has unveiled its plan for the programme particulier d’urbanisme (PPU) of the Lachine-East Ecodistrict. The project will be developed over 70 hectares to create a brand-new mixed-use living space. There is the potential for 7,800 housing units, including social, affordable, and family housing. A civic hub will include a park, school, and a sports and community center, and there will be approximately 10 hectares of parks and public spaces.

PHOTOS: Ville de Montréal, Réalisons Montréal.

It is within Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante's plans to have the future pink metro line serve this neighbourhood. The Pink Line would span from Montréal North to Lachine, including stops in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Saint-Léonard, Westmount, Ville-Marie, the Plateau-Mont-Royal, and Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie, amongst others. Valérie Plante took to Instagram to say that "the new district in Lachine sets the stage for developing the first section of the line."

PHOTO: Projet Montréal

The description of the Ecodistrict states that the space will offer an "attractive, green and resilient environment, and turn the area into a complete and inclusive neighborhood." Developing an "efficient, low-carbon network of active and collective mobility and ensuring a significant presence of places of employment" are highlighted in the plans. The timeline gives the project until around 2050 to be completed.

The finalized PPU is expected to be adopted this month, and it was presented on June 7 before an Executive Committee meeting. The draft for the preliminary project was adopted in September of 2021.

Maja Vodanovic, the Mayor of Lachine, is optimistic about the project: "The district will enable us to create our sports center, a new public school, as well as foster employment and commercial zones in synergy with Notre Dame Street. The pink line, which is to accompany this new density, will certainly be a great gain for our entire community."

Source: Ville de Montréal, Réalisons Montréal.


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