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Animatch dogs in search of homes this month.


PHOTO: Animatch

Betty loves to bark. You apartment and condo dwellers know what that means. She's at Animatch because she jumped out of her human's arms and landed badly. Unfortunately, her owner couldn't afford to have her leg fixed. Once she heals, Betty looks forward to long walks on all four legs. If you didn't know, Pomeranians shed all year and should never be shaved. Betty gets along with other dogs but would do best as your one and only.


PHOTO: Animatch

Bruiser is at Animatch because his family experienced some resource guarding around children. He's now with one of Animatch's Foster Moms, who reports that he loves people, dogs, and food—and howling along with sirens. He loves everything food-related - garbage cans, recycling, etc. Bruiser is a barker but is easily distracted from it. He needs someone who is home a lot until his confidence grows. But, in less than a week, he went from following his Foster Mom from room to room to being able to continue his nap while she moved around the house. Bloodhounds need to meet hundreds of people and sniff thousands of scents. Their job is to find things with their noses. Bruiser is looking for someone who knows the breed, has enough room to make him comfortable, and appreciates the cost of owning a large breed dog.


PHOTO: Animatch

Miata has had her Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy surgery on both legs. Through it all, she remained sweet and seemed to accept that people were doing everything for her own good. She is beginning to enjoy walks and is receiving massage therapy with Alain Girouard. More rehab is coming, but Dr. Plasse, Animtach's vet, feels she will eventually have a full and active life. Miata has to be careful for the next few months - no dog parks, running, or rough play, but by the end of the summer, she should be ready for whatever the world has to offer. She gets along with large and small dogs and would do best if not left alone all day. She has a strong prey drive, so a fenced yard is necessary. She's okay with cats, at least indoors. Miata is looking for someone with experience with large dogs who can take over the cost of physiotherapy for a few months.


PHOTO: Animatch

Watton and two of his litter mates made the trip from Whatmagoostui. He is chomping at the bit to find his forever family. He's so looking forward to being included in lots of their activities. That will be easier if he starts off with obedience classes where he can learn to be an excellent canine citizen. He needs a family who can commit to him and guide him for the next ten to fifteen years.

For more information on Betty, Bruiser, Miata, Watton, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to


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